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Wiley X eyewear is available at OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville, an authorized dealer for Wiley X.

If you're looking for maximum eye protection and you're wondering where to buy glasses in asheville, come see the ultimate sunglass and eyeglass Wiley X products offered by OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville on Hendersonville Road.

Most Wiley X frames readily accept prescription corrective lenses.

Wiley X frames and lenses are among the toughest available. They exceed the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards for high velocity impact to ensure maximum protection for your eyes!

That means that Wiley X frames and lenses won't fail when a 1.1 pound pointed projectile is dropped on them from a height of 50 inches. They will also stand up to a 1/4 inch steel ball being SHOT at them at a velocity of 150 feet per second!!

Wiley X glasses frames and lenses will most likely handle anything you'll ever experience!

Wiley X is the ONLY manufacturer of premium performance sunwear who can make this claim!

These are only a few of the reasons why the top Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville proudly sell Wiley X products.

In addition to the above, Wiley X production facilities are ISO 9110-2008 certified to ensure the highest quality, and all Wiley X eyewear is OSHA rated as occupational protective eyewear.

Whether you ride motorcycles, participate in active sports that place harsh demands on your sunglasses, need OSHA-approved eye protection, or simple demand the absolute BEST eyeprotection, OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville can provide a Wiley X product to suit your individual needs.

Wiley X Lenses

Wiley X offers 2 distinct types of lenses - Filter 8 Polarized Lenses and LA Light Adjusting Lenses.

Filter 8 Polarized Lenses reduce eye fatigue by combining 100% polarization with 100% ultraviolet protection for unmatched performance. This is accomplished by incorporating 2 polycarbonate lens layeers, an anti-relective layer, a polarizing layer, 2 hydrophilic coatings and 2 scratch-resistant layers in every lens.

LA Light Adjusting Lenses continually change lens tint to match changes in the surrounding ultraviolet light.

Wiley X offers 12 different lens tints to satisfy your individual requirements. When it comes to finding Wiley X lenses for eyeglasses Asheville comes to OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville.

Wiley X Frames

Wiley X Asheville Street Series imageWiley X Asheville Climate Control imageWiley X Asheville Changeables Series
    Street Series            Climate Change Series     Changeables Series

Wiley X frames include the Street Series, Climate Control Series, Active Series and the Changeables Series.

Street Series frames are extremely tough eye protection offering shatter-proof frames and lenses that carry the ANSI safety ratings. Most Street Series frames readily accept prescription corrective lenses that are available from OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville!

Climate Control Series offer removable soft foam gasket (Wiley X "Facial Cavity") that seals out wind, dust, debris and rain to completely protect your eyes.

Active Series include sporty designs for extreme activity! Rubber nose and temple grips reduce slippage when you work up a sweat. Rubber grips help keep your shades in place on your face!

Changeables Series frames make it easy to change lenses to accommodate a variety of conditions or activities. A special frame slot design accepts the various lenses provided in the multiple lens package.

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The knowledgeable Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville strongly recommend that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against damage from the sun's glare and ultraviolet light! Why not protect your eyes with the absolute best - Wiley X ?

If you need a new prescription for your Wiley X eyewear, OneWay Eyeglasses has independent Doctors of Optometry on site to examination your eyes.

CALL NOW for an appointment at 828-274-8415.


If you're wondering where to buy glasses in Asheville, stop in and meet Diana TODAY !

When active people want Wiley X Asheville comes to OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville!

Wiley X Eyewear !

Most Frames are prescription ready
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Wiley X Asheville Video

 This video demonstrates how Wiley X eyewear survives a
direct shotgun blast! Examination of the sunglasses after
the shotgun blast reveals that the shotgun pellets never
pierced the Wiley X lens, and the lens remained intact!

   Wiley X eyewear will provide your eyes with unsurpassed
protection. The experienced Asheville opticians at One
Way Eyeglasses recommend Wiley X eyewear to
motorcyclists and people involved in extreme sports.

   If you're wondering where to buy glasses in Asheville,
visit  OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville TODAY
to buy your Wiley X in Asheville!

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