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When considering Transitions lenses Asheville comes to OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville . As people switch to Transitions lenses Asheville buys these sunglasses at OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville so they can enjoy the convenience of needing only one pair of glasses!

Transitions lenses are technically referred to as photochromic lenses. They change from clear eyeglasses to sunglasses as the ultraviolet light around them gets brighter.

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The Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville point out that Transitions lenses aren't necessarily a perfect alternative to sunglasses, but they do offer numerous benefits for people who wear prescription eyeglasses!

First, Transitions lenses darken as you go out into the sunshine eliminating the need to buy and carry a pair of sunglasses. Transitions lenses provide 100% protection for your eyes against both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays making them as protective for your eyes as dark sunglasses!

Transitions lenses also adjust from normal indoor light to outdoor sunshine in about 30 seconds. This means your eyes are automatically and quickly protected against glare and eye fatigue. By the way, they return to clear lenses in about 30 seconds as you go from bright to darker lighting conditions!

Individuals who've recently had eyesurgery, use certain medications that make them light-sensitive, or have cataracts will find that Transitions lenses provide unsurpassed comfort from bright conditions!

Transitions lenses can be an excellent choice for children because Transitions lenses are available in polycarbonate, a shatter-proof plastic. Polycarbonate is almost 10 times more impact resistant than most other materials used in eyeglass lenses. In addition, children are exposed to approximately 3 times the UV rays as adults. Asheville opticians will tell you that excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays leads to cataracts!

By having your child wear Transitions lenses you ensure that their eyes are getting 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays!! Your child will be more likely to wear these glasses because they look "cool"!

We have a lab in our store enabling us to make custom lenses for eyeglasses in Asheville that no other store in town can match!

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For outdoor enthusiasts, Transitions XTRActive lenses provide a darker overall tint that results in very dark lenses in bright conditions and slightly tinted lenses in lower light, such as indoors.

As already mentioned, Transitions lenses darken when exposed to the sun's UV light rays. However, the windshields of most cars filter out UV light and Transitions lenses may not darken sufficiently while in your car. This should not be a problem since the same windshield tinting that prevents the lenses from darkening also protects your eyes from the sun.

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Diana Seebo, owner of OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville would be happy to answer any questions you have about Transitions lenses.

When they consider buying Transitions lenses Asheville comes to OneWay Eyeglasses  Asheville for Transitions lenses in Asheville!

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