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Save on Sunglasses in Asheville

The place to buy you prescription sunglasses in Asheville is OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville.

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The knowledgeable Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville strongly recommend that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against damage from the sun's glare and ultraviolet light!

Sunglasses should be worn:

  • Outdoors during the summer
  • Whenever you're enjoying water sports
  • While spending time in the snow
  • Anytime you're outdoors at high altitudes
The American Academy of Ophthalmology strongly recommends that anyone with an eye disease, taking drugs known to increase sensitivity to sunlight, or having undergone cataract surgery should always wear sunglasses outdoors.

Should You Buy Expensive Sunglasses?

A cheap pair of sunglasses may look the same as a very expensive pair, but the more expensive sunglasses generally perform better, fit better and last longer.

You can afford more sunglasses in Asheville. Ask the Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville about our NO-INTEREST Payment Plan for easy, affordable payments!

About Sunglass Lenses

Four types of materials are used to produce sunglass lenses - glass, polyurethane, polycarbonate, and acrylic.

Glass lenses offer excellent optical clarity and the best resistance to scratching, but they cost more and are heavier than the other materials. Glass lenses are designed to "spider" instead of chip or break when they're damaged.

Polyurethane lenses are extremely difficult to break and they offer extremely good optical performance. They weigh very little compared to glass but, like glass, they are expensive compared to other materials.

Polycarbonate lenses appear to be an excellent choice compared to lenses made of other materials. They offer very good optical performance (although not as good as polyurethane or glass), excellent protection against breakage, light weight and reasonable cost. However, polycarbonate lenses will scratch easier than glass or polyurethane.

Acrylic lenses offer the lowest cost of the four materials but you get what you pay for. These lenses are not suitable for constant or rough use and the optical performance of acrylic lenses is not as good as the other materials. In fact, some acrylic lenses will actually distort your vision.

In addition to lens materials, sunglass lenses are available in a variety of tint (colors).

Brown, green or gray lenses are effective at reducing overall brightness without significantly changing the colors of the objects viewed through them. Since these colors are darker they reduce glare and subsequent eye strain.

Lenses tinted gold, yellow or amber perform better than brown, green or gray lenses in lower level light conditions. These colors are chosen by people who enjoy winter sports such as skiing because they don't interfere with the user's depth perception.

Glasses tinted rose or vermillion perform well where contract is helpful in low-light  situations. Examples include skiing on cloudy days or traveling in forested environments.

Mirrored sunglasses improve vision in extremely bright situations by reflecting
the bright light away from the wearer's eyes.

Sunglasses are available with a wide range of coatings to protect the lenses from water, reduce scratching, and minimize fogging in damp situations.

Polarized lenses are available for people involved in water or winter sports. A number of methods are used to produce polarized lenses - applying a film over the lens, laminating the filter media inside the lens or adding the filtering material to the lens while still in a liquid form. Polarized lenses are specially designed to minimize eye strain by filtering certain light waves. While polarized lenses are extremely useful in some situations, read "5 Costly Eyeglasses Mistakes to Avoid" for warnings about polarized sunglasses.

Which Sunglasses Do You Buy ??
One option might be the Wiley X sunglasses that enable you to change lenses to meet various conditions!

With all the choices available why not stop by OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville and discuss your needs with one of the most knowledgeable Asheville opticians - Diana Seebo. She will guide you through the various lens materials and coating to ensure that you get the best performing sunglasses in Asheville!

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Wondering where to buy glasses in Asheville? Come to OneWay Eyeglasses!

Here's why:

If you need a new prescription for your sunglasses, OneWay Eyeglasses has independent Doctors of Optometry in our store to perform eye examinations.

CALL NOW for an appointment at 828-274-8415.


Unlike the big eyeglasses chain stores in Asheville  where someone merely processes your purchase, Diana will take time to get to know you and guide you in the selection of your sunglasses frames and lenses.


OneWay Eyeglasses is located in Asheville at 1800 Hendersonville Road across from Gold's Gym next to TCBY in the Dingle Creek Center. You'll find plenty of FREE parking in the private parking lot right in front of our store!


OneWay Eyeglasses is open every weekday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturdays, and by appointment on Sundays!


For the most complete selection of lenses for eyeglasses Asheville comes to OneWay Eyeglasses. After you select you eyeglass frames and lenses Diana will professionally prepare your eyeglasses in our own lab, right in the store!


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