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5 Costly Eyeglasses Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve identified a few misconceptions about eyeglasses that you should know BEFORE you lose money on your next eyewear purchase:

1) Polarized sunglasses are great for reducing sun glare off the water if you’re boating or fishing. They’re also great for hiking and enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities. However, they can cause dangerous problems under certain conditions!

People who drive newer cars with high-tech dashboards are finding that some of the dashboard displays actually disappear when viewed through polarizing lenses. In addition, downhill skiers may not be able to see obstacles. Hikers who depend on electronic devices might miss important information when the displays on GPS devices and cell phones become invisible, possibly resulting in fatal outcomes in some circumstances!

2) Yellow tinted, or yellow polarizing, “night driving glasses” are supposed to enhance night time driving by reducing glare and improving visibility. These glasses do actually improve visibility in daytime foggy or hazy conditions. However, yellow or amber-colored glasses actually worsen your ability to see at night, or at dusk.

Instead of reducing glare as advertised they actually reduce the amount of light that reaches your eyes resulting in poor night time vision! This problem has become so serious that the Federal Trade Commission has made it illegal for sellers of yellow or amber-tinted glasses to claim that they improve night-time visibility for driving.

People who experience trouble with night-time driving should undergo a complete eye examination by an optometrist.

The best eyeglasses for night driving are clear lenses with an AR (Anti-Reflective) coating. This coating will greatly reduce reflections (seen as halos by the wearer) that are internal to the lenses while transmitting the maximum amount of light to the eyes. They won’t improve night vision, but they will reduce problems that interfere with night vision.

3) Scratch –Resistant Coatings are available on most eyeglass lenses. However, these coating only RESIST scratching. There is NO coating that is truly SCRATCH-PROOF!

It’s important to properly clean and store your eyeglasses to prevent scratches to the lenses. Scratches can cause blurring and halo effects.

Lightly scratched lenses are sometimes, but rarely, repairable by an optician. NEVER use a scratch repair kit on your lenses. You will most likely change the correction of the lenses making them completely useless to you!

4) NEVER Buy Reading Glasses from an optician, unless you want special or fashionable frames! At OneWay Eyeglasses in Asheville, we recommend that you buy the least expensive reading glasses you can find. Get them on-line, at a “mega-mart”, or a local drugstore. Buy 2 pair in case one is misplaced or damaged - or chewed by your dog!.

5) Safety Glasses are your best defense against eye injury. Do NOT make the mistake of taking short cuts when it comes to protecting your eyes! True industrial safety glasses include shatter-proof lenses, strong frames and stout side shields. Simply sliding flimsy side shields on a pair of regular glasses with plastic lenses is NOT adequate protection from flying debris.

Even if you don’t normally wear or need glasses, if you are using a weed trimmer or doing other work around your house with power tools, a $5 pair of safety glasses or plastic goggles is CHEAP insurance against losing your sight!

Stay Safe,

Diana Seebo

OneWay Eyeglasses, 1800 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, NC 28803


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