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Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Asheville

OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville, now offers blue light blocking glasses in Asheville. With the availability of blue light blocking glasses, Asheville eyeglass patients have access to glasses that can save their eyes from both damaging UV light as well as harmful blue light. That's one of the reasons that we're the place to shop for glasses in Asheville!

How is Blue Light Harmful?

Some light waves can be seen, but others are invisible to our eyes. For example, ultraviolet light waves are invisible but we know that they can damage both our skin (sunburn) and our eyes. Some colors in the visible spectrum of light waves are harmful to our eyes.

What is HEV Blue Light?

Certain wavelengths of blue light contain high energy that can penetrate the cornea and travel deeper into the eye than other colors, causing damage to the retina.

HEV Blue Light Can Penetrate Deep Into The Eye 

As shown in the diagram below, these High Energy Visible blue light waves that are part of the full color spectrum are visible to the eye.

Only Certain Blue Light Is Harmful To The Eyes

HEV Blue Light Severely Damages Eyes

Unlike lower-energy light waves that are blocked by the cornea, HEV blue light penetrates the cornea and reaches the retina causing damage that results in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is the most significant cause of vision loss and blindness in people over 60.

Not All Blue Light is Bad
Certain blue light waves are helpful in controlling our sleep cycle. Blue light also enables us to see the entire spectrum of visible light – our color vision. Therefore, it was important to develop blue light blocking lenses that block only HEV blue light waves from reaching the retina while allowing other blue light waves to pass through. This allows us to see the full color spectrum while wearing those glasses but also protecting our eyes from damage.

Special lenses have been developed that only block certain wavelengths of blue light – those found to be damaging by the Paris Vision Institute studies.

The professional Asheville opticians at OneWay Eyeglasses in Asehville would be happy to discuss the differences in these types of blue light with you.

Do You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?
UV filtering lenses only provide partial protection, that is, they provide important eye protection by blocking harmful ultraviolet light from entering the eyes. However, these lenses do nothing to inhibit High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light that damages the retina.

HEV Blue Light Exposure is on the Rise
For decades the only HEV blue light we were exposed to was that emitted by the sun. Today, the CLF and fluorescent bulbs we use indoors emit significant amounts of HEV blue light, creating a dangerous environment for our eyes. In addition, television, computer monitors iPhones and other back-lit devices all emit dangerous levels of HEV blue light. The use of blue light blocking glasses dispensed by OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville can dramatically reduce damage to your eyes!

Back-Lit Devices Emit Dangerous HEV Blue Light

Call Diana Seebo, owner of OneWay Eyeglasses at 828-274-8415 for more information

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses Both Day And Night

OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville offers blue light blocking glasses for both indoor and outdoor use!

Lenses for outdoor use include protection against glare, HEV blue light, as well as harmful
ultraviolet light.

People who use computers or smart phones, or watch back-lit TV at night are exposed to excessive levels of HEV blue light that is emitted from these devices. This over-exposure to HEV blue light suppresses melatonin, our sleep hormone, and interrupts our normal sleep patterns. Wearing blue light blocking glasses at night can improve the quality of your sleep!

Ask Your OneWay Eyeglasses Optician!
Blue light blocking lenses are available for most eyeglasses prescriptions,
including progressive lenses.

 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are Available For Every Need

The professionals at OneWay Eyeglasses Asheville will assist you in selecting the correct lens type for your prescription.

OneWay Eyeglasses offers a wide selection of HEV blue light blocking glasses in Asheville at our Hendersonville Road store. The availability of HEV blue light blocking glasses in Asheville can help you protect your vision from harmful High Energy Visible blue light and improve your sleep!

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