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An Alternative to Reading Glasses

Folks, usually over 50, who need glasses for close vision such as reading small print may have another choice. By the time we reach our 50's, many of us find that we need
help reading small print and doing close work. That's because as we age the lenses in our eyes harden andbecome less pliant. Our eye muscles begin to struggle as they
try to shape our eyes as required to see small print and other objects. The technical term for this change is presbyopia. As a result, we need glasses for reading and
close vision.

The decline in our abilty to see is dangerous as well as a nuisance since it can lead to falls and auto accidents. That's because even though bifocals or progressive lenses
help us see close up, they also reduce our ability to determine shades of gray as well as depth perception.

The problem of seeing close up begins around 45 and by the time we reach our 50's, almost everyone experiences some loss in close-range vision. If you're in your 40's
and don't need correction, you soon will in your 50's! But, that vision correction doesn't necessarily have to be corrective eyeglasses.

It's now possible to actually train your brain to compensate for your eye deficiency. 

Before you dismiss this idea, read further.

Traditional vision correction is applied to the eyes with corrective lenses. However, the receiving end - the brain - must convert the signals sent by the eyes before we can 
"see". Perceptual learning is a training of the brain to compensate for the signal sent by the eyes. Significant scientific studies have proven that this new method actually
improves close-up vision, contrast sensitivity and reading improves close-up vision, contrast sensitivity and reading speed!

One study trained young adults in their late teens and early twenties and senior adults in their seventies with the same Gabor patch exercises for almost 2 hours every day
for a week. At the end of the training, the seniors improved to the level that the yound adults had before the training started.

The technique depends on perceptual learning which is the improvement in vision by intensive training using certain images called Gabor Patches. Gabor patches excite the
area of the brain used for vision. Much of the training uses Gabor patches spaced near distracting objects at various contrasts so they become almost impossible to detect.

Scientific study has demonstrated that performing these exercises numerous times over weeks, eventually improves close vision. Even if  you're not in need of vision
correction, performing these exercises will postpone your need for correction to a later age.

A number of companies now offer perceptual learning.

One such training program is availabe from GlassesOff at . Simply search the internet for the word "visual training with Gabor".

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